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  1. Hello, Ищу матч ---> 04.05.1984 Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz (Kareem Abdul Jabbar был лучшим бомбардиром лиги)
  2. Maybe anyone : 03/03/1993 Sixers @ Suns 2006 Jan 22nd Sonics vs Suns *2OT / Ray Allen 42pts & 8 3pt 2007 Jan 12th Sonics vs Jazz *Ray Allen 54pts Career High NBA Finals 2005 Spurs-Pistons game 7 ???? please and thanks people !
  3. Kansas Jayhawks vs Northern Iowa Panthers Kentucky Wildcats vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons anyone ?
  4. Heh, I'm also pleased that here I am :D

  5. That's cool! I see a foreigner for the 1st time here =) welcome)

  6. But I still have one question, I'm searching for matches playoffs 2002-2007 Dallas Mavs... perhaps somebody has anything? Thanks people !
  7. Hey, people I can't find match : 2004.12.09 Spurs vs Rockets Maybe anyone have this game ?
  8. Hey, where r u from?

  9. Do I still have one question, whether nobody has Pitt matches from this season? Because I only found vs Connecticut and vs Providence Friars...: / and once again thanks for these finals;)